5 Quick Tips for Taking Photos on Your Smart Phone

We find moments every day in our lives that we want to capture and smart phones are a great way to record them. Honestly, even as a professional photographer, I find myself reaching for my phone often so I can snap a photo before the moment is lost. As you reach for your phone to grab that quick portrait of your kiddos (or friends), use these 5 tips to make that cute photo even more beautiful.

1.  Avoid facing your subjects toward the sun. Few people look good while squinting, plus it's unflattering light. If possible, stand with your back to the light and avoid strong shadows from the front. If the frontal light source is unavoidable, add the flash, which sometimes helps. 2.  Be aware of your background to make sure there aren't things (like trees or photo bombers) that could look like they're sprouting out of your subject's head or body. 3.  Don't shoot from low angles. It's just not flattering. 4.  Avoid dark areas. You want to be able to see your subject. 5.  Use the rule of composition. Try not to put your subject dead center of your shot.

Happy shooting!

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