This girl is going to change the world! | Proud to Be Me tween session

Meet Olivia.

This lovely lady just turned 10 years old and already, she is brimming with kindness and compassion. I can't forget to mention just how intelligent and spunky Olivia is.

I've known Olivia (and her family) for about 2 years now from family sessions. Every time we get together, she has ideas for their session and she always surprises me with her knowledge. When it came time for her Proud to Be Me session, I had no doubt that Olivia would come with some concepts in mind.

"One time we were at a telescope presentation on the beach. A local retired NASA guy brought his computer generated giant telescopes on the beach to find the Space Station, Saturn, Nebulas, etc. Olivia was going into 3rd grade. When he asked the crowd what a nebula was, she was the only one to raise a hand. She rattled off the exact scientific definition. I had no idea she knew that. " -Mom

Not only is she smart, but she has a big heart too. She is not afraid to talk to anybody and is accepting of everyone, regardless of their age, ability, disability, or financial status. This girl will bring positivity to this world, one person at a time.

"She sees the good in people and cares for them because of who they are. She doesn’t let what others think influence her behavior." -Mom

To learn more about the Proud to Be Me project and how you or your child can participate, please visit the link below.

I want to nominate a tween.

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