Shopping for your family photo shoot

Now that you know what to wear for your session, how do you find it? Here are some tips for shopping for those coordinating outfits for your photography session.

Look for clothing collections.

When shopping for clothes for my kids, I head to stores that typically have color coordinating collections. I can then purchase clothes for all the children from one store. I know their clothes will coordinate.

This can apply to adult clothing too. Every season as the trends and color palettes change, stores come out with their collections. Some stores also have mom and me collections that have twin looks, but are also able to be mixed and matched. A great example of this is found at Old Navy.

Whose outfit is first?

Now how do we choose whose outfit to pick first? I’ll look into my family’s current wardrobe to see if there something that I really love and want to include in my portraits. Sometimes just looking at our wardrobe gives me inspiration and reminds me of what colors and styles look best for my family. Usually, I would suggest choosing your outfit or one of your children’s outfits first.

I love to start with Mom so that she feels like the star. I’ve found this spring maxi dress that has a few colors to create a color palette for us. White, pink, yellow, green, and purple. I’ve searched through Old Navy and found this pale green that isn’t an exact match for the green in her dress, but pairs nicely. The dress pattern is open and light so it can be paired with a heavier plaid as well. Now let’s add another color for the kids. This yellow dress is a nice pair for mom without being an exact match. Lastly, let’s find something for a small boy. This plaid is a nice pair to Dad and still follows our color family.

Favorite Stores

H&M, Old Navy, Gap, LOFT, Anthropologie, J. Crew, Bloomingdale’s, Zara, Express, Carter’s, Target

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